Foxes come to visit

Given the early mornings that Cho had been giving me I ended up leaving the ladder down some weekends.  It didn’t give me a huge lie-in but I could maybe relax until 6:30 instead of 6:00!  Unless you have an early morning call you won’t quite realise what a difference that makes.

However, that all came to an end one morning when I went out to release the chickens only to find a large hole dug at the edge the run.  There was only one thing that could do that – Mr Fox.  Thankfully the coop itself is placed on top of paving slabs so bar the fox physically tearing back the wire mesh it’s pretty impenetrable.   So all Mr Fox could do was enter the run, sniff about and then exit again.

IMG_3670 IMG_3671

It was a little scary so we do plan to put slabs all around the run as well but for now have dug the hole back over – adding a large rock to the point of entry and placed a few heavy logs around the perimeter.  I am fairly philosophical about foxes and chickens – whilst I don’t want to see my chickens destroyed I nevertheless realise that it’s part of life.  Foxes are very sly and very clever and I’m not going to build Fort Knox or make my garden some electric fence wonderland.  I will let my girls roam the garden when I’m about and then pop inside to get things without herding them back into the run.  I may rue the day I said that but for now I’m happy with my mix of protection and freedom and hope that it can remain the same for a long time.