Gorgeous, gorgeous weather

After a wet winter and spring, we’ve been lucky enough to have some fantastic sunny, warm weekends recently.  Last month, we went down to see the storm damage to our beach hut.  Thankfully we’d been protected by the scrub on the hill behind and whilst our hut was a little damp I was very pleased to see that the only effect of the winter had been some mildew and mould on the chairs.  Quite a few other huts had been pushed off their supports and some even knocked right over.  Mind you, compared to the destruction in other parts of the country it feels churlish to even mention it.


More recently, we had an extraordinary Sunday where we just had to get down to the hut to open up.  Even in the middle of March, I needed shorts and a T shirt as I scrubbed the chairs and generally aired the hut.  In fact, it was such exhausting work I had to sit down in the sun and have a snooze in the sun.




Where does time go?

I know, I’ve been really bad at updating this blog recently.  My heart is definitely in it but my brain has just been so busy.  My new job keeps me out of the house most of the day and I’ve had to catch up on household jobs in the evenings.  I’m sure it’ll settle down once I get to grips with the demands of the job and plan my household work better but for now, do forgive the sporadic writing.  There is plenty of news so I’ll write a few blogs to update you but spread them out a little so you don’t get inundated with my witterings.

Firstly we’ve had some tremendous weather – and tremendous weather at weekends so frankly the garden and chickens were abandoned and off we headed to the water.  My daughter and I headed to the beach hut with various friends and my husband took other friends out on the boat.  It was just fantastic to have base down on the sea front, somewhere to store beach basics and somewhere to make a cup of tea or even a light supper.  Even better my husband came by, moored up and rowed to visit us.  We could all swim out to the boat and jump off into the sea.

A couple of weekends ago it was so still that the sea was incredibly clear.  With the boat moored up in around 3m of water we could still see crabs wandering about on the sea bed.  We’d been organised enough to take our snorkels down and my daughter and her friend had a lovely time jumping on and off the inflatable kayak and checking out the sealife.

It’s days like that where you really appreciate living in Bournemouth – such a wonderful place and a fantastic way to live.

Mmm - mackerel!

Mmm – mackerel!

Sunny days

Sunny days

Beautiful clear beach.

Beautiful clear beach.

Big changes and new beginnings

Spring may have been cold but it was also dramatic and very exciting for our family. After much decision making I decided to take a complete career change – following many years organising events, and a few less teaching swimming I was after a new challenge, one that fitted better into our current family lifestyle.

I managed to land a completely new full time job and started work at the beginning of April.  Suddenly from having flexible working hours, working on my own and being soaked in chlorine I was at my new desk first thing and front of house till the end of the day.  What a change and what fun!  I’m thoroughly enjoying the change, the team is great and it’s a fun challenge.  Next I just need to work out how to fit in the networking / colleague meetings over coffee that I used to enjoy so much.

The other exciting news was a wedding in the family – my eldest stepson tied the knot at the beginning of May.  My daughter was overjoyed to be a bridesmaid and my husband was so proud to see his first child getting married.  We were so lucky with the weather, a Spring of cold and rain broke during the week and the wedding weekend dawned bright and sunny.  The wedding day stayed fine and it all went off wonderfully.  The bride looked beautiful, my stepson gorgeous, my daughter stunning, my husband super-handsome and I even managed to get eye makeup with enough waterproof qualities to mean it didn’t end up on my cheeks! It was a brilliant party, thoroughly enjoyable and totally personal – oh, I do love a wedding.


To complete our happy Spring we had one more piece of good news…after 3 or 4 years of waiting we were offered an annual let on a beach hut.  No more limiting ourselves to 3 weeks in the summer and hoping the weather was good.  No more hanging on the phone lines in January to secure the right hut for the right dates.  Instead we can look forward to a long year of playing in the sea, sipping a cool beer as the sun sets over the water, Sunday morning pancakes with added sand and swimming out to my husband on his fishing boat.  Spring may have been cold but all-in-all an excellent season.Hut