Saturday Morning Pyjama Gardening in the Rain.

What is it about us gardeners – we just have to pick, pluck and plant at all hours.

This Saturday I was up early as usual and went down to let the chickens down.  It was pouring with rain and being a practical girl I put on a fleece, let the girls out and came in for my morning cuppa.

I then had to go to the garage to get some more juice and saw a few snails on my last PSB plant.  I looked a little closer and there were slugs and snails all over the veg patch.  I had used some Nemaslug a few weeks ago and really hoped that this would help the plants get ahead.  Unfortunately looking at the Broad Beans I realised that whilst they had grown they were pretty miserable specimens.  They were about  a foot high, some with a good range of flowers but not many leaves whilst others were just eaten away.  It was time to take action.  Out came my daughter’s bucket and in the space of about 5 minutes I must have had  a good 3″ deep  of slugs and snails.  It’s ridiculous, I just don’t know how I’m going to get any veggies this year if I have to fight this hard to keep anything alive.  I’ve never know a large vigorous plant like PSB to get so decimated – if they’re going for that then any small seedlings just don’t stand a chance.  Interestingly the bulk of the creatures are large snails this year.  I’m used to the tiny slugs and snails getting past my barriers and causing decimation but this is a first for me.  It must have been the mild, wet winter and spring.  I’ve said it before but it’s obvious we just needed a cold spurt to clear out some of the creatures and give us gardeners a chance!

So I’m off to order a few more packets of Nemaslug and I’m going to leave you with a few pictures of my collection (but I’ll leave you to work out what I did with them!)