And finally, we’re friends (most of the time)

After almost three weeks my girls are finally friends.  Last weekend, I decided that I would remove the barrier between the run and the coop and let the girls mix.

My husband was away for most of the week and with me at work and my daughter at school I was slightly nervous about this but felt that we’d made huge strides and maybe we had to crack the nut by forcing them together.  When I let Luna down in the morning, the two new girls decided that they were still nervous and hung out in the top of the coop.  Well, that’s what I thought.  After half an hour or so I went to have a look and opened up the side of the coop.  Somehow, one of them had moved the cardboard base layer over the escape hole.  I shifted it aside and a short while later then both came down.  All looked good.  They could get close to Luna as long as they didn’t go for any food.  I left them for the day and thankfully my daughter reported all was good when she got home.  She then let them out into the extra run and they all had a good scratch and explore of the plants.

Fleur Duck and Molly have got into the habit of not coming down early.  They leave Luna to play downstairs and they hang out for another half hour or so – maybe they’re typical teenagers who just don’t want to get out of bed!

One day no one was down straight away so I had a look in the nest box and sure enough there was Luna pretending to lay an egg (it never appeared).  I looked in the other end to see why the youngsters hadn’t come down.  Funnily enough they were both next to the nest box looking in.  Maybe they were wondering what Luna was up to?

So, another week down and the girls hang out together occasionally and Luna is generally happy with them around.  It was more effort than previous introductions but definitely less painful.  Fleur Duck is still nervous and quite skittish but I think that’s her character.ImageImageImage


One thought on “And finally, we’re friends (most of the time)

  1. Gently does it. It will be fine. As my OH says… How would you like to find a newcomer sitting on your sofa or in your bed?
    I have done a few intros and I reckon 4 weeks at least .

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