Chicken Training – end of week one

And so my first weekend dawned and my plan was to seal the friendship amongst the chickens so we could leave them altogether happily.

As ever with chickens, it didn’t work quite as I hoped but I did see some glimmers of hope.  Every morning I’d do the chicken shuffle…let Luna down and try to get the youngsters away from the coop and into the run.  Luna was showing signs of wanting to get back into the coop to the nesting box so I’d get her back in as quick as I could and she did scamper back up.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t laid an egg yet – in fact, our last egg was on 3rd May.  I’m hoping that as things settle down with the girls, she’ll get back to laying.

It’s become pretty obvious that Molly is going to be number 2 and super-cheeky and sociable.  She’s already tried to swallow my daughter’s finger (not sure if she thought it was a fat, wiggly worm or just thought treats were permanently attached to it!).  Fleur-duck is still very twitchy and chatty and usually keeps well out of the way of Luna.  She’s cautious with humans too but if you keep still she’ll quite happily eat from your hand.

Both girls have now eaten from the same hand as Luna so they’re getting less cautious.  Luna’s attacks are much less meaningful – she’ll chase the girls away but it’s without the aggression seen earlier in the week.  More a case of ‘get out of my way’ than ‘I’m coming to get ya, stranger!’

On Sunday I did some gardening and let the girls run free.  The youngsters tended to stay around the coop but Luna was her usual nosey self, coming to wherever I was digging and looking for extra worm treats.  Molly ventured by, at one point, and gobbled up a worm – strangely enough she suddenly seemed much more interested in gardening after that.IMG_4934