My chickens don’t like snow

Last Friday dawned with snow on the ground and a husband at the door.  Yes, my husband had driven home in the early hours to try to beat the snow – he’s crazy but it was lovely to see him home safe.  To some of you it may be a wintry norm to have snow but for us in Bournemouth it’s a rarity.  To put it in perspective, in the past 12 years I think we’ve had under 10 snowy days.  All of those have been in the last four years!  However, last Friday was the first time our young chickens had seen the white stuff.

Frankly, they weren’t impressed!  OK, it snowed all day so not only did they have to content with a white blanket but they also had to deal with consistent windy flurries getting under their feathers.  Poor things!  They basically hid underneath the coop all day and just peered out disgustedly.


Chickens peeking out at the snow


Arty Ice


Arty Chickens


Hiding chickens

As for us, well, school was closed so I decided that as a dutiful mother I needed to bail on my meeting and go sledging.  Oh, come on – it would have been rude not to!  My daughter and I headed to the local park at 09:30 and beat most of the other sledgers.  The snow was really coming down hard and you really had to walk with the wind behind you or your face had a very unpleasant exfoliation treatment. Thankfully, there were plenty of slopes to choose from so we could avoid the worst of it and sample the many pleasures of sledging.  I can’t believe we were out for two hours – time past so quickly and we trudged home before lunch – exhausted but happy.


On our way to the slopes!


Sledge Girl




People are gathering…

The snow was quite wet and the temperature was due to rise slightly towards the end of the day so I really expected it to disappear before nightfall. However, it hung on and on and only when we had a day of rain yesterday did most of it disappear.  I’m sad to see it go.  I was lucky enough not to experience much disruption and flexible enough with my work to enjoy the best of the snow.


Samwise the Snowman


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