Recovering Grass

Now I’ve confessed to causing myself extra grass problems by chucking oil on it I thought I’d show how I can care for grass and how it can recover in a week or two.

Last weekend I moved the chicken coop and here’s the pics to show the progress of the grass.

The ground just after the coop moved places.

The dodgy patch near the back door…

A closer pic of the trampled grass.

After a nice combing (raking) the ground looked bare but as if it had a future.

The grass is always greener on the other side!
The new coop area – doesn’t it look lush.

A day later, the whole area is raked.
Look at the imprint the actual coop has left – always one of the last bits to grow back.

Four days later and the new grass is just showing.

But look – that coop imprint is still there!